Remembrance Sunday 2016

The Remembrance Sunday service took place on the 13th of November.    The church was very busy with members, young people, youth organisations, leaders, parents and friends.    After the colours were presented, the Act of Remembrance was marked by the congregation standing for two minutes silence.   Our Guide Leader laid a poppy wreath and young people brought forward books of remembrance in memory of the 301 men and 1 woman from our church who lost their lives in defence of our country.

Members of the youth organisations then assisted Fiona in thinking about remembrance.  Emma from the Guides read the lesson from Deuteronomy where we are invited not to forget the things we have seen.  Remember them as long as we live .  Teach them to our children and grandchildren.   Adele from the Girls’ Brigade then led us in prayer.
The names and service records of four men who gave their lives were read out by members of the youth organisations.  This information was then placed on the table in the chancel along with symbols of love, peace and remembrance.  Also on the table were poppies, barbed wire, a candle and a wooden Celtic cross.   In reflecting on remembrance in action, the young people were great in discussing the significance of these items.
The second reading from John was read by Alastair from the Boys’ Brigade.   We heard that we must love each other at all times.  Even if we do not always agree, we must always love each other.  Fiona reflected that this is not easy but we must try to care, listen, encourage and help others.   This should start with us and a ripple effect will then include others.  Fiona reminded us all that remembrance is for everyone, whatever stage they are at in life and concluded her epilogue with a poem about hope.
Harvest Sunday 2016
Our Harvest Service took place on 18 September this year.  During the service we celebrated God's goodness and afterwards we had a sale of produce.  There was also a retiring offering.   A big thank you to everyone who helped with offerings, donations and buying from the Harvest stall.   We raised the fantastic sum of £750 which will be shared equally between our two charities - Coatbridge Community Foodbank and Home Comforts.   A special thank you too to the Sunday School for collecting food items for the Foodbank and for their lovely gifts which they sold on the Harvest stall.

 ​Youth Dedication Service 2016

The Youth Dedication Service took place on Sunday 2nd October  this year.   The Boys' Brigade, Girls' Brigade, Girl Guides and Sunday School all attended along with lots of parents and friends.  The service started with the presentation of the colours.  Then the young people contributed through prayer, reading and song.  Six of the Girl Guides also received awards. Fiona led the service and she got her apron on and mixed the ingredients together for a cake.  There were the usual ingredients of eggs, butter, flour and sugar. However, there were some unusual ingredients mixed into the bowl like salt, pepper, carrot, cucumber and tomato soup.  When the cake was removed from the imaginary oven, it looked good.  It was a great mixture of all us who comprise the many different people who comprise New St Andrew's Church.