Duty Rotas


   Sep 17 - J Murray, E Poller, I Reyburn, J Rock, M Rolls, E Russell/W Russell
   Sep 24 - J Scougall, I Seymour, J Seymour, M Sprott, K Stewart, I Tennant, H Thomson
   Oct 1 - S Thomson, A Tweedie, A Walker, M White, C Wotherspoon, S Burns
   Oct 8 - J Williamson, M Cairns, I Callum, C Campbell, S Cartwright, A Collinson
   Oct 15 - R Cartwright, A Crichton, J Elliot, T Ferguson, G Gillespie/C Nelson, E Findlay
   Oct 22 - D Frame, M Graham, J Grant, J Hamilton, N James, J MacInnes
   Oct 29 - R Grant, J Mackenzie, F Marwick, I Matheson, C McCrone, J McGuire
   Nov 5 - M McCall, S McDougall, E Poller, I Reyburn, M Rolls, J Seymour
                 M Paton and I Tennant will assist by writing cards for members without them.
   Nov 12 - J McDonald, H McKee/J McKee, J Murray, J Rock, J Scougall
   Nov 19 - I Seymour, M Sprott, H Thomson, S Thomson, A Tweedie, A Walker
   Nov 26 - K Stewart, M White, J Williamson, C Wotherspoon, S Burns, M Cairns
   Dec 3 - I Callum, C Campbell, R Cartwright, S Cartwright, A Collinson, J Elliot
   Dec 10 - A Crichton, T Ferguson, E Findlay, D Frame, G Gillespie/C Nelson, M Graham
   Dec 17 - J Grant, R Grant, J Hamilton, N James, J MacInnes, J Mackenzie,
   Dec 24 - F Marwick, I Matheson, M McCall, C McCrone, J McDonald, S McDougall
   Dec 31 - J McGuire, H McKee/J McKee, J Murray, E Poller, I Reyburn, J Rock


   C Wotherspoon - October 1, November 5 and December 3
   D Crichton - September 17, October 8, October 15, November 12, November 19,
                         December 10 and December 17
   D Dunlop - September 24, October 22, November 26 and December 24
   M Sprott - October 29 and December 31


   A Crichton and J Williamson - Oct 1, Nov 5 and Dec 3
   S Burns and R Cartwright - Oct 8, Nov 12 and Dec 10
   M Graham and K Stewart - Sep 17, Oct 15, Nov 19 and Dec 17
   R Grant and C Nelson - Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 26 and Dec 24
   D Dunlop and M McCall - Oct 29 and Dec 31
                               FLOWER DELIVERY

     Sep  3   Fiona Marwick and Sheena Finnigan
           10   Susan McDougall and Netta Stoddart
           17   Jean Grant and Karen Stewart
           24   Sarah Cartwright and Anne Collinson

      Oct 1   Joyce McClelland and Georgia Gillespie
             8   Janie McDonald and Christine McCrone
            15  Liz Baxter and Irene Milligan
            22  Carol Campbell and Jessie Rock
            29  Senga McGuire and Sandra Burns

      Nov 5  Fiona Marwick and Sheena Finnigan
            12  Susan McDougall and Netta Stoddart
            19  Jean Grant and Karen Stewart
            26  Sarah Cartwright and Anne Collinson

       Dec 3  Joyce McClelland and Georgia Gillespie
            10  Janie McDonald and Christine McCrone
            17  Liz Baxter and Irene Milligan
            24  Carol Campbell and Jessie Rock
            31  Senga McGuire and Sandra Burns

      Jan 7  Fiona Marwick and Sheena Finnigan
          14  Susan McDougall and Netta Stoddart     
          21  Jean Grant and Karen Stewart
          28  Sarah Cartwright and Anne Collinson

    Feb  4  Joyce McClelland and Georgia Gillespie
           11  Janie McDonald and Christine McCrone
           18  Liz Baxter and Irene Milligan
           25  Carol Campbell and Jessie Rock 


          Sep 3  Fiona Marwick
                10  Christine McCrone
                17  Elma Cunningham
                24  Jean Reid               

 Oct     Irene McBryde and Irene Milligan

Nov 5  Anne Collinson
      12  Netta Stoddart
      19  Fiona Marwick
      26  Christine McCrone

Dec  3  Elma Cunningham
       10  Jean Reid
       17  Anne Collinson
       24  Netta Stoddart
       31  Fiona Marwick

Jan   7  Christine McCrone 
       14  Elma Cunningham
       21  Jean Reid
       28  Anne Collinson

Feb   4  Netta Stoddart
       11  Fiona Marwick
       18  Christine McCrone
       25  Elma Cunningham